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A Revolution in Hair Care: The Shift to Environmentally Friendly Products

The hair care industry, especially in Australia, is undergoing a dramatic transformation towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly hair care. There’s an increased focus on vegan hair care and cruelty-free practices, making these the future of hair care in Australia.

Hair CarePlant-Based Hair Care Australia

Plant-based hair care is gaining popularity, with brands like Live Clean leading the way. Live Clean’s products, including its apple cider vinegar shampoo, offer an effective treatment for dry hair and scalp. These products are cruelty-free, meaning no animal testing has been done, and the vegan hair care ingredients are plant-based, like the coconut oil for hair treatments.

A Shift towards Sulphate-Free Shampoo

The shift to environmentally friendly hair care products also involves using sulphate free shampoo. This kind of shampoo helps with dry hair treatment, dry scalp treatment, and overall hair health. There are also specialized shampoos for unique needs. For instance, purple shampoo and silver shampoo can help maintain your hair colour.

Hair Colour Shampoo and Its Wonders

The hair colour shampoo market is booming with a wide variety of options. The colour shampoo is a significant revolution in hair colouring, enabling people to maintain their preferred hair colour for longer. Permanent hair colour products are also available for those looking for a long-term solution.

Remarkable Brands in Hair Care Industry

In the world of hair care products, certain brands stand out. Terax Crema is a notable Italian brand famous for its quality hair products, including Terax shampoo. Terax products in Australia are available through select hair salon supplies and online beauty stores. They offer both cheap hair products and premium options to suit every budget.

Elgon, another notable brand, offers a broad range of hair products. Hair Cosmetica is one of their product lines, and Moda & Styling, another, both delivering high-quality hair care. Their Elgon Sublimia line and the Technofruit Color product are very popular.

Specialized Hair Treatments

Specific treatments like Ten Minute hair Colour and PPD free colour, revolutionize the way people approach hair colouring. Also, scalp bleach is another product for hair styling that’s garnering attention. You can find these treatments in professional hair & beauty supplies stores and online beauty stores in Australia.

Shopping for Hair Products Online

Whether you’re searching for hair care products near me or best hair care products online, there’s no shortage of options. You can buy professional hair care products from various online beauty stores in Australia, including products like Luminoil hair care, anti breakage keratin oil shampoo, and more. Online stores offer a range of hair care products wholesale for professional and personal use.

What are some benefits of using sulphate-free shampoo?

Sulphate-free shampoos are gentler on your hair and scalp. They help maintain the natural oils of your hair, keep your hair colour vibrant for longer, and cause less irritation compared to regular shampoos that contain sulphates. They are also more suitable for sensitive skin and chemically treated hair.

How does purple shampoo work?

Purple shampoo works on the principle of colour theory. The purple pigments in the shampoo counteract brassy, yellow tones in blonde or grey hair, making your hair appear cooler and brighter. It’s a great maintenance product between salon visits for people with blonde, silver, or highlighted hair.

What are the advantages of vegan hair care products?

Vegan hair care products are free from any animal-derived ingredients. They are often enriched with plant-based ingredients, which are gentle and nourishing for the hair. They are also cruelty-free, which means no animal testing is involved, making them a more ethical choice.

How can I treat dry hair?

Dry hair can be treated with various products like deep-conditioning masks, oils, serums, and sulphate-free shampoos. Ingredients like coconut oil are particularly beneficial for dry hair. Regularly trimming your ends and reducing heat styling can also help maintain your hair’s health.

How does permanent hair colour work?

Permanent hair colour works by opening the hair shaft with an alkalizing agent, allowing the colour molecules to penetrate the hair. Once inside, the colour molecules oxidize and expand, permanently changing the colour of the hair. Permanent hair colour can lighten hair, provide full coverage, and is the most durable hair colour option.


As consumers become more environmentally conscious, the demand for sustainable, cruelty-free, and plant-based hair care is increasing. Brands like Live Clean, Terax Crema, and Elgon are leading the way in offering sustainable options. Whether it’s a silver mousse, a freshwater hair care product, or a Terax Crema conditioner, the hair care industry is moving towards a more sustainable future. This revolution ensures that we can look our best and feel good about the products we’re using.

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